Fork in the Road | Railroad Track Brushed Metal Train Art Decor

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Lisa Blount Photography

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Fork in the Road

An abstract twist on train art, this piece captures the decision-making moment on a train track - known as the Fork in the Road.  This brushed metal train art is a beautiful way to add a bit of intrigue and conversation to any room.

Printed on dibond brushed metal, it's sure to add beauty to any decor in your home or office!   The printing process for brushed metal is that anything that is “white” in the photograph is removed from the art piece making the brushed metal even more obvious.    I especially love using the brushed metal for anything train related because it literally looks like train tracks built into the art piece.



    • Symbolism: This abstract art of train tracks converging can be symbolic referencing a time when a significant decision is required to be made.   Sometimes that decision is difficult, other times it’s simple.   Regardless, that decision impacts and changes you - for the rest of your life.   Your path is suddenly shifted in a new direction, and you’ve conquered the “Fork in the Road.”
    •  Museum Quality Fine Art:  The art was captured with the highest quality photography equipment, allowing you to enjoy the full beauty of the landscape, train and experience.  
    •  Experiences make the difference: We love to travel.  My family likes to look at "old stuff" - barns, tractors, villages.  You name it.   On our road-trip to Yellowstone, we drove by this 1880's town.  They were all fascinated with how life was in the 1800's and I was fascinated with this X on the ground made by the train tracks.   (Clearly it's not difficult to distract me!).   I thought about how that X truly did "mark the spot" where decisions are made.  One little spot - and it could take you a completely different place.  (A little deep ... sorry!).  Anyway - here's the art from that piece!   Enjoy! 


    All large art pieces are museum quality fine art pieces using the highest quality printing materials including TruLife AcrylicChromaluxe MetalDiBond Brushed Metal and Canvas.   

    The acrylic blocks have also gone thru the same scrutiny. Selecting the best high-quality acrylic.

    Many art pieces are available in different mediums and sizes and can be customized for you. These are quoted upon request.

    TruLife ACRYLIC PRINT:This signed art is printed on archive high quality photo paperand then attached to the back of a crystal clear 1/8 inch TruLife non-reflective acrylic - giving the print a richer, deeper-than-glass effect.   Museum mounted, allowing the art to hang directly on the wall and appear that it is floating - no frame needed.   This is a very modern and contemporary way to display the art.  

    DIBOND BRUSHED METAL PRINT:  Brushed aluminum prints that add amazing depth to your fine art.  The print takes on a different texture as the art is printed on the brushed metal and for areas that are true white - reveals the brushed metal surface.   UV printing technology.  The art will take on almost a 3D effect.   Museum mounted, allowing the art to hang directly on the wall and appear that it is floating. No frame needed. 

    CHROMALUXE METAL PRINT:     With exceptional clarity, color vibrancy and detail showcased on white HIGH GLOSS METAL.  ChromaLuxe is longer-lasting, scratch-resistant and abrasion resistant.   It has a stronger resistance to fading and yellowing. It comes museum mounted and ready to hang on the wall.   No frame needed.

    CANVAS PRINT: Printed on semi-gloss canvas with a finish that provides a sheen for a clean crisp piece of art.   Premium archival-rated canvas.  Wrapped on a 1 1/2 inch edge depth wooden frame. The canvas is wrapped using a technique features a raised bevel so the canvas floats and doesn't rest on the frame itself.  (Similar to skin on a drum.) Frame not needed

    ACRYLIC BLOCK:  The acrylic blocks feature the photo face-mounted to 1 inch thick plexiglass with hand polished crystal-clear edges. This is a smaller art piece that you can display on a shelf, mantle, desk or any other flat surface.   NOTE:  These DO NOT have any hanging mechanism.    



    Shipping to the continental US is included in the price of the art, unless otherwise stated.

    All of the art is ordered specifically for you!  Once payment is received there is about a 3 week turn-around on the items to be printed as this is considered a special order.  The process to put the art on acrylic is quite elaborate and time consuming - but well worth the wait!  

    Outside of the continental US, email me for a custom quote.

    Please allow up to 3 weeks for production time and 2 weeks for delivery.

    For those close to Northwest Arkansas (or want to visit!), local pickup and delivery is also an option - and items can be purchased from the gallery walls.


    Care Instructions

    TruLife ACRYLIC PRINT:  TruLife Acrylic cleans like glass. It is scratch resistant but NOT scratch proof!   Wipe down the acrylic with a microfiber cloth. Spray acrylic with plastic cleaner (do not use harsh chemicals like ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners). Any gentle monitor or glass cleaner will work. Wipe off acrylic with a microfiber cloth. Make sure that the surface is wiped dry to prevent streaks. (Do NOT use paper towels, as they may scratch the acrylic.). Just wipe with any non-amonia/non-alcohol cleaner (Windex) using a non-abrasive microfiber cloth.

    DiBond Brushed Metal: These prints offer unsurpassed durability with UV-cured ink. They are very durable. However, it is best to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning them to avoid scratching the surface. You can clean it with any mild cleaning product or soapy water. (They will scratch so don't pick at any spot!) Air dry.

    Canvas: In order to maintain the art's original vividness you should avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, and avoid hot and humid areas. You can dust the canvas regularly, but make sure not to use any chemicals.


    Q: Do you offer other sizes of the art?
    A: YES! Most of the pieces are customizable. In many of the pieces, it helps to keep the same proportions. 3:2 etc.

    Q: What is LE or LTD EDN?
    A: That is a piece of art that is selected to be a LIMITED EDITION print. It will only be printed a specific number of times. It will have a number assigned to the piece as well.

    Q: Is a frame included?
    A: No, the frame is not included.

    Q: Is this a digital download?
    A: No, this is a physical piece of art that will be shipped to you.

    Q: I can't find the answer to my question.
    A: Here is another link to more product description information. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION INFO or you can CONTACT ME.

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