Collection: Chilled Wine Fine Art Collection

As refreshing as a springtime shower - Chilled Wine brings the best of Alaska and Napa together into a stunning combination of grapes and glaciers.   Not quite the normal combination, but together, they create a dazzling display of color.   Let your senses stir as you stroll thru the gallery.  Grapes that look good enough to eat off the vine.  Leaves begging to be swept from the sidewalk.   Glaciers so blue that you feel the cold reflecting from them.   Each of the items selected for this gallery are conversation starters, and sure to make a lasting impression.

Lisa Blount Photography's modern print display of printing on trulife acrylic and metal (high gloss and brushed metal) creates statement pieces sure to captivate the attention of all who enter your home or office. 

Alaska train large art hanging above fireplace in white living room Lisa Blount photography