Collection: Essence of Nature Fine Art Collection

Nature is an amazing gift that we are given to enjoy.   When I pause from the day-to-day activities, take a deep breath, look around .... I see Nature.   I see the bright flowers, the bee gathering pollen, the praying mantis challenging me to a staring contest.   I feel the gentle breeze and watch the clouds float by.    This collection is meant to inspire those senses and simply bring a smile.

Fine art captured that in her work and share it with you in this collection.   TruLife Acrylic, High Gloss Metal, Dibond Brushed Metal and Acrylic Blocks are her medium of choice - and it makes a stunning wall or table decor for your home or office.   Her art is definite statement pieces to be studied and enjoyed in your collection.

Orange and Coral colored Jungle Geranium large fine art wall decor hanging in sitting area