Collection: Greeting Cards - 5x7 Linen Note Cards

I love receiving cards ... I just don't like picking them out!  I fall into analysis-paralysis where I over think every card on the aisle.   With these bank greeting cards, you don't have to worry about that.   

Sending love, encouragement and smiles thru large 5x7 Linen Greeting Cards.  What better way to let someone know you're thinking about them - than with an artist select greeting card.

For an additional fee, they can be printed with custom wording on the inside.   (Please order a minimum of 25 cards for customizations.)    Please reach out to me for this so we can coordinate specifics on what you want inside the card.

A fine art photography piece is printed on a 5x7 white linen folded card.   The card has a texture and is thicker stock.  Includes a white envelope.

Banana leaf abstract fine art photography 5x7 linen note card customizable wording inside on large orders