Collection: Mood Boards with ART

Mood boards provide a perfect mechanism for visualizing ART in your room, on your wall, with decor.    Lisa Blount has taken her pieces of ART and paired them with some options for room settings where the ART could be displayed.  

My photography blogs, pairing my ART with furniture, wall colors, lamps, decor items etc.  has been a frequently requested item.    This collection of ART will show all of the ART that has a mood board.   

As a photographer, I prefer the focal point to be ART.   (Furniture is just something you sit on to enjoy the ART! ).  While that may not be true for you - I can almost guarantee that whoever is sitting in the chair - will look around the room and notice the ART. 

Check out my BLOG to find specifics and details where I found the non-ART items.

Mood boards and art blog of Napa grapes and the colors found within them of green and purple Lisa Blount photography