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John Moulton Barn, Mormon Row Wyoming

John Moulton Barn

The John Moulton Barn was built prior to the famous TA Moulton barn.  When John moved here in 1907.   John and TA proceeded to clear 80 acres of land and build the homestead.   The barn was built in the early 1900’s and is breathtaking to see with the Grand Tetons as it’s backdrop.  

While this barn isn't considered the most photographed barn in America, I do think I prefer this one - primarily because I really like the cattle chute and fencing.   I feel like it captures a little more of the real life during the working years of their farm.


John Moulton barn art displayed as 60x30 above farmhouse bench

Where is Mormon Row?

Mormon Row is nestled at the base of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  

Turning from Hwy 191 / 26 / 91 (it seems to have lots of numbers!) onto Antelope Flats Road. (Appropriately named, as I found this little guy there!)  

Follow that road for a couple of miles and you will see the barns start to appear. The John Moulton barn is on the left.  Turn right to go to the TA Moulton barn. 

Grand Teton Map


When to Visit

My favorite time to see the Mormon Row barns - both TA Moulton and John Moulton Barns - is in the morning when the sun is shining on the Grand Tetons.   Try to plan your time around the weather - sun is your friend with this photo opportunity!

This is a very popular spot and many tour groups are here as well as wedding photo shoots - so be patient.   It’s definitely worth the wait to experience the beauty of this barn among the Grand Tetons.   

If you decide to go later in the day, you will be working with a darker view of the Tetons.   


What to Expect

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure WHAT to expect when I got there.    I had read reviews and was worried it would be packed, and I wouldn't be able to get a good shot of the barn.    I was pleasantly surprised!  

What I found was - a lot of people who want that perfect shot, but are willing to wait their turn so that everyone can have the perfect photo.   

The John Moulton Barn is a little trickier to work around people, as they will be walking up to it more to check out the ground squirrels, fencing and overall area.   It feels a little more accessible as there's more area to walk around in than the TA Moulton barn.  

For a bit more interesting farther away shot, continue on Antelope Flats Rd past the parking area for the barns.   There's a turn-around area that will give you a distance shot of the barn.    You still have to work around people - and that's even more tricky - as they don't know you're trying to take a picture.

 Large art of the John Moulton barn at Mormon Row home decor custom sizes 60x30

My Favorite Part

For this barn, I loved the wooden fences and cattle chute.   

Overall, the best part of Mormon Row is just - being there.   Being able to pause for just a few minutes and reflect on the history of that barn, the stories it could tell, the hard work it's seen.  Not to mention the amazing Grand Tetons in the background!   

Just to pause and breathe out in the open.   Fresh mountain air.  

I think that's why I truly love the barn pieces of art so much.   The ability fo capture the experience of seeing the early 1900's barn with the Grand Tetons, turn it into Fine Art and be able to share and enjoy it for years to come.  

Rustic fence cattle chute in front of the grand tetons Wyoming Lisa Blount Photography

More History

Check out the Jackson Hole Historical Society Museum for more details about the life and families of John and TA (Alma) Moulton.

Also, Jerry Moulton reached out to me and I found out that he is the grandson of TA (Alma) Moulton and the last Moulton to be born on Mormon Row.   He maintains a photo and history site as well.   MormonRow.Com    A special thank you to the Moulton family for sharing their beautiful history for all to enjoy.

Loved the Barns, but missed the shot?

I've got you covered!   

As a photographer, I love sharing my experiences thru my art.  The John Moulton Barn fine art is a 48x24 inch TruLife Acrylic, museum mounted piece that combines rustic, mountains, nature and history all into one beautiful picture.

Beautiful decor for both home and office.      

Check out my WYOMING collection to find the John Moulton Barn and Cattle Chute as well as many other from around the area.




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Lisa Blount is an experience photographer, capturing her experiences thru life and turning them into fine art.   

 Since ART is a true reflection of what the artist sees, feels, and interprets - it is therefore a reflection of ones self .... thru their ART. 

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