Free Design Preview of your Room

Are you running into analysis paralysis with all the decision overload?   I’ve been there!    Let me help!    

Simply email me a picture of your room (include information below) and I will build you a couple of art options for your space.  ALL FOR FREE!   Plus, you will also be added into the list to receive my monthly newsletters with new art and upcoming events.  

What are you waiting for …. Let’s decorate your space!! 


Yellow ginkgo leaves brushed metal art in living room above couch


Simply Email me a picture of your room!  

Reach out and let me give you some ART suggestions for your room that you may not have thought of or not easily found on my site.

Please include the following in your email:

1. Your Name
2. Any color preferences that you lean to or are trying to work into the room
3. Any size limitations or requirements, wall size would be helpful as well
4. Are there styles you tend to lean to?   (Example: Nature, Rustic, Outdoors, etc.) 
5. What is the main purpose of this room?  (Main Living Room, Sitting Area, Bedroom, Hallway, Bathroom)
6. Anything else that you think would help me in finding the perfect art options for your space


My expected turn-around time for this is around 1 week.  It could be faster or based on current load it could take a few days longer.   This is not an automated process with AI guessing your preferences - it is a real human going thru your space with art ideas in mind.   So it does take a little time to evaluate options for you.

Let’s add some ART to your world!! 

Talk soon!  ~Lisa

Lichen growing on dark wood fence rail turns into abstract fine art photography hanging in white living room.  Art by Lisa Blount photography  Chilkoot Lake Haines Alaska Landscape Fine Art hanging in office sitting space over credenza on dark brown wall Bottle brush desert flower hanging in farmhouse style entry area