Contemporary rustic moodboard featuring rust orange teal lichen abstract art

Modern and Rustic Mood Board - White Oak Lichen

I admit it - I'm a Lichen-aholic!   I absolutely love lichen.   I really didn't know this was a thing until a couple of years ago when I found some lichen in orange and pink.  I had no idea it could be found in so many colors - which are only enhanced by a little bit of rain from Mother Nature!  

One day, I was over at my friend's house.  There was a very large - okay, it was HUGE - tree laying in their yard.   The oak tree had to be 100 years old!  It had survived tornados, lightning, you name it - and it stood strong.   Unfortunately it was rotting.  And to make sure it didn't fall on their house, they had to go ahead and cut the tree down.  Understandably, they were sad.   Not only were they losing some shade, but they were losing this amazing tree that had been there longer than they had been.   

I was about to leave their house, when on a whim, I picked up my camera.  (This event surprised absolutely NO ONE who knows me!).  I walked over to the tree, and thought I'd snap a few pictures so they would have something to remember the tree from.   Then..... the colors.   Oh my goodness.   The beautiful rust and seafoam (or biscay) green colors were amazing!!!   I probably snapped 30 pictures of this tree and it's beautiful lichen.  

The tree may now be firewood, but the beauty of it lives on - in ART.   Similar to the circle oflife.    Maybe this is the Circle of Nature ART .... Since ART is actually found in the word NATURE (just rearranged a little).    This fine art is for those who enjoy nature, color, outdoors, abstract - or just a beautiful piece of art.  White Oak

Colorful orange and teal lichen on white oak tree


This ART is perfect for any room -  home or office.   

This Spring, our family did a thing.  We bought a farm.  Now, farm life is not new to me - as I was raised on a farm.   However the fact that we were about to invest in some property with a possible event building - WAS a surprise.   Unfortunately, the first step was .... what to do with the building.   It had a concrete floor, and beautiful knotty pine wood walls.  Oh, and a bathroom.   

Ironically, and amazing coincidence, this property is 200 feet from where this picture was taken.   Needless to say.... It will be highlighted in the building!   

This ART is so versatile, though, don't let the rustic theme throw you for a loop.   It would look amazing with whites, teals, grays - in a home or office.   

This mood board has a little more of a personal attachment for me - because it was my mood board for our new building.   So not only was it fun to put together - it was a little stressful in that ... what if I don't do a good job.    Amazingly enough, when I showed my husband the finished product - he was ready to shop.   (Okay ladies - did anyone else read that ..... it was a modern day miracle!)

Continuing with the theme of bringing nature inside .... a fun room is

Using ART to enhance the beauty of your room or your surroundings – always makes me happy!   I like to use ART to remind me of an event, a trip, a vacation, a memory, or just for the beauty!   Investing in those memories now will keep them alive and can be positive reminders of the beauty all around us. 

As a fine art photographer, I have seen clients struggle with where to place pieces of art.  Clients love the piece of art, but they just aren’t sure how to incorporate it with their furniture, or how it could fit in a room or what decor could coordinate.  Those questions and challenges led me to creating mood boards with groupings of furniture items to pair along with my ART.   They have been a huge success so far, and I hope that you enjoy them as well.   Allowing visualization of ART and furniture together may help you make some decisions faster or even challenge you to think differently about what selections you do make. 


Here are the steps I took to arrange this specific mood board.


Select your ROOM

For this mood board, I selected pieces that would be appropriate for a casual cabin atmosphere, as well as a meeting area.   However, this piece of art - could go just about anywhere (except maybe on a Razorback Red wall!). 

Colorful orange and teal lichen on white oak tree 

Select your FOCAL POINT

Decide which piece(s) of art will be the focal point or inspiration point for the room.  For me - for the building - this was an EASY decision.  Probably the easiest decision I made in the whole process.   White Oak Lichen for the WIN!  


Colorful rust orange and teal lichen on white oak tree

White Oak Lichen - Featured art.   

This art is available on TruLife Acrylic and Chromaluxe high gloss metal.   

The TruLife Acrylic is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary.


The Chromaluxe Metal is a glossier, does reflect light but is cheaper.   You can’t go wrong with either one - it just depends on what your preference, style and budget can afford. 

The sizes offered on my site are 20x20 thru 30x30.   Sizes larger than 12x12 are available in custom sizing - so don’t let size stop your creativity!


Build a theme   

My theme for this mood board was more about Nature, Outdoors, Rustic living (okay - not complete rustic - we do have running water!).   Definitely a snuggle-in and read a good book, or sit down and have a serious discussion vibe.  It could go either way at any moment.     

Brown Green Lichen wall display

Create a Mood board

Visualize the items together.   I do this by creating a mood board.    I am such a visualization person.   

This art has been selected for houses that are more rural, country, rustic etc.  I feel like it's more of a modern-rustic.   Is that even a thing?   (Maybe it is now!).   The Chromaluxe high gloss metal is so durable and works perfect for modern-rustic.  

I can also visualize this piece in an office - whether home office, professional office or medical office.   It is just calming to see those colors together naturally.  

Colorful orange and teal lichen on white oak tree

Tweak it until you’re happy with it. 

Not everyone’s style is the same - so incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you love it!


Start shopping!

Below are the items that I selected to go with this ART / mood board.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   Either way - find something that YOU will LOVE!   After-all, it is your home or office!    

White Oak Lichen ART!  (My favorite part of designing decor for a room!). Colorful lichen on white oak tree
Western Style Sofa
Sadie Oversize Biscay Green Wing Chair


Luckenbach Western Loveseat  

All cozy spots need a place to prop your feet!   This room is no exception.   

Honey Geometric Coffee Table

Hide on Hide Ottoman

The amazing centerpiece was custom designed by Rexanne at LNR Floral.   I simply showed her my inspiration piece of art and voila!   Another artful masterpiece was born!  

When I looked at my finished mood board I almost cried.   This was it!   THIS is what would add beauty thru nature to the new building and farm. 

Once again – adding to the idea of bringing nature inside.

Hope you enjoy this mood board.   You can order ART on my website or reach out to me for custom orders.   Let's add some ART to your world!!   

White Oak Lichen


Colorful lichen on white oak tree

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As a side note - some of my art comes in acrylic blocks.   This is how you can collect art - even when you don’t have an empty wall!   The 5x7” acrylic block can be placed anywhere - shelves, tables, mantles.  Wherever you need a pop of color or relaxation or a statement piece … you can place an acrylic block.

White Oak Lichen acrylic block home decor

This piece also comes in a set of 4 ceramic coasters.    These are not always available, so if you're interested in that, just reach out to me and I'll see what's available.

white oak lichen abstract orange nature wood green brown rustic rust fine art photography coaster set-of-4 set


 Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

A little bit about me:  I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Having a 30 year career in Corporate America, has allowed me the opportunity to now do what I love - take pictures and add some beautiful art to your world!


To find other pieces of art, please check out my website


(Please note:  I am not affiliated with or promoting any of the furniture or accessories - only my art.   I will give you links to where I found the items, but it’s only for reference - as I simply found pieces that I liked that I felt could enhance the art when grouped with it.)

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