moodboard featuring western themed decor and cactus rock art

Contemporary Southwest Rustic Themed Mood Board with Art


Contemporary Southwest Mood Board

What in the world did I just find in nature?   A rock formation that looks like a mouth eating cactus!   Seriously.   I laughed and thought - this is unbelievable.  Nature has humor - along with beauty.    Take that mouth ART and add a little southwestern decor to it - and you have the beginnings of a truly amazing and fun room.   

This mouth art was found in Soufriere, St Lucia near the Jade Mountain resort.   I admit - I was truly captivated by the resort, the beautiful water, the lush tropical plants.   So when I saw this - I was completely thrown off.   A rocky hillside and a sharp (not necessarily appealing or beautiful) cactus.    How completely uncommon for an island.  It looks like it should come straight out of the desert.   Cactus = Desert.   Right?   Who says you can't laugh at the oddities of life and nature? Well, for me, it does, so I encapsulated that feeling with my mood board.   It has a touch of southwest / western style to it - which coordinates wonderfully with the cactus and rock mouth.    

As an artist, I like putting together new ideas - and this one.... just works!     The feeling of western, unique, beauty and nature all into one magnificent western mood board!

It has a touch of southwest style, touch of western and a bit of pizazz!   I love how coordinating the cactus with the cow hide brings out a unique decor waiting to be enjoyed.

As a photographer, I feel the focal point should be ART - and this sharp cactus gets straight to the point!   However with this mood board, I feel that the furniture and selections all tie together to make a comfortable stylish room.   Contemporary southwest.   (Is that even a thing?).  If not - it is now!   

  Color of Rock Mouth Fine Art Photography by Lisa Blount taken in St Lucia


When you invest in ART, you want to showcase that art.  The room and the art is a reflection and extension of you. 

rocks in mountain shaped like a mouth 20x30 acrylic metal canvasI am always looking for ideas, what-if's and visuals!   I'm such a visual person.    And that's why social media, Pinterest, Instagram are so popular.   Everyone else is looking for all ideas too.  We all need them!

That is why I started building mood boards and visuals.   This helps both my clients and myself as giving us a place to start in how to incorporate ART into a room.



What a dilemma!   How do you select the right size of art?   

That is a very personal preference question.   For me, I like large ART.   I like to see the details.   Since my art focuses on capturing experiences - I definitely want to SEE them.   For example - I don't want to have this grand picture and have to get in my purse to get out my glasses only to see if that's a deer or a dog in the picture.    I also like the colors, so I want to see the colors.  I want to feel like the art is bringing me in as a type of immersion art.   To where you could be part of the story of that piece of art.

Fortunately, my art is designed to be scalable.   Primarily because I consider what I do more of a boutique offering and I want you to be happy with your ART!!   So don't let size limit your creativity.   Be creative, be unique, be YOU.   And then we'll make the size of the art work in your space.

This mood board is set for a living space, but could easily be adjusted for a modern rustic office by adding a deck to the mood board.

I'm sitting here picturing this looking out the window to a beautiful mountain, or field of animals.    

Ah..... beautiful!

Color of Rock Mouth Mood board featuring art by Lisa Blount Photography

5 Step Program 

Lisa's 5 Steps to Room Inspiration

1. Select your Focal Point

2. Build a Theme

3. Build a Mood Board to gather all of your ideas

4. Tweak the Design until you're happy with it

5. Go Shopping and.... complete that room!

Mood board color of rock mouth western contemporary rustic style


Find your focal point for the room, building, office, etc.   

Contemporary Southwest Rustic design calls for contemporary ART to enhance and challenges the boundaries a bit.

I selected COLOR OF ROCK MOUTH as my featured art for this mood board.

This picture was taken in St Lucia near the Anse Chastanet Beach.   

This art is available in Canvas, High Gloss Metal and TruLife Acrylic.    Depending on how Contemporary or Western or Southwest you are going with this may determine your selected medium.    You can definitely increase the wow factor by moving up from Canvas -> Metal -> Acrylic.

The Canvas is a good start to art collecting and is considered a general overall acceptable medium.  The metal definitely kicks is up a notch, adds a bit more depth and gloss.  My absolute favorite is the TruLife Acrylic.   It adds a uniqueness to the piece that screams contemporary, modern and definitely draws you in.  The Acrylic is a non-reflective/non-glare option that makes the art appear like you're looking thru a window.  While it's definitely more modern, trendy and contemporary, I don't see this style going away or minimizing in value.   Plus, it doesn't need framed.   In fact, none of the pieces require framing - the metal and acrylic are museum mounted and further create the look of a window as the float on the wall.



The theme I selected for this Art is.... Contemporary Southwest!!

I don't really know if that's a real vibe or theme, but it's my mood board and I'm going with it!   Because ... why not?   Make this room and theme fit YOU.  You will be the one spending time here, so make sure it speaks to you.   (I know that sounds silly and design-ish, but remember - this room is ALL.ABOUT.YOU!)


Western theme moodboard featuring fine art photography by Lisa BLount

My absolutely favorite rooms are the ones that look lived in, loved, appreciated.   They bring a sense of warmth, family, life into a room.   Don't get me wrong, I can absolutely appreciate a spotless immaculate white room as well as the next person.   In fact, that would be a dream.  Unfortunately that wouldn't last long around my house, so I must build in a bit of reality.   

So.... I focus on how to design a beautiful well-lived in room.   My home is a house that's lived in.   It may not be perfect, the rug may be disheveled, the pillows may not be fluffed properly, but it's comfy and cozy and reflects my life.


Western contemporary mood board art ideas by Lisa Blount


Visualize, visualize, visualize!!!   

I do this by creating a mood board.   Whether I pick these items out exactly or not doesn't quite matter.  What matters is I now have a vision of things I like and can quickly see if it will work together or not.


Since no purchases have been made yet, you can tweak the mood board until you're happy with it.

Not everyone's style is the same - so make sure to incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you LOVE IT!


I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this part.    Crazy enough, I also enjoy seeing the finished product - whether yours or mine.   (So if you read this and do the process, please share it with me so I can see!)

Below are the items that I selected to go with this art / moodboard.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   

 For me, I start with ART as my inspiration!   I was looking for something FUN.  Something that would be more of a conversation piece and would strike interest to those who saw it.   The Color of Rock Mouth matched my criteria!!   This art is.... F.U.N.!!!   I mean, seriously, how can. you look at this and not smile or at least do a double-take.   

Color of Rock Mouth fine art photography by Lisa Blount

As I type this up, I'm looking at the use of this art in a classroom.  This piece is so versitile.   Office, Classroom, Den, Man Cave, Living Room.   So many options for this contemporary southwest / western combination.

  • Asa Pingree Gitana Club Chair - Normally I run away from white furniture as fast as I can, but this chair is gorgeous!  The wooden frame and the interesting shape.   (Might be a good idea to check out Scotchgard!)

  • Wireframe sofa by Herman Miller - Is it just me, or were you surprised this couch was a Herman Miller?   After sitting in their office furniture for 30 years, I had no idea they made stuff this nice!   The wire frame is so contemporary and upscale.  It adds such a nice touch to the room.

  • Exeter Round Glass Top Table by Copeland Furniture - No comment - it speaks for itself.   

  • Stoolen by Uhuru Design - I absolutely love the uniqueness of this stool.  It is crafted from recycled walnut offcuts that are carefully hand-fitted into a unique pattern.   That being said, I also like a lot of small tables and stools that are made by local artists.   So be creative with your selection.   LOVE IT or find one that you DO LOVE!

  • Cow Haired Hide Rug by Spinneybeck - LOVE IT!   No contemporary western room is complete without a cow hide rug.   There are many different ones to pick from - as no two cows are alike, neither are two rugs alike.   Similar, but not exact.   Be picky - find your style.

  • Ignis Pendant light by CERNO - I love the bit of gold that this pendant light adds to the room.   Just enough to add another slight touch of contemporary.

  • Pillows by Earthed by Wm Clark - Osmosis Riverbank Irish Linen Pillow and Faded Grandeur RIverbank Irish Linen Pillow - Let me say... find yourself a comfy pillow.   Pillows should be cuddled, appreciated, thrown, hugged and set beautifully on a couch or chair.   That's asking a lot of a pillow.   That's why there are so many different ones to choose from.  Find one that fits your style and make it your own!

  • Last but not least .... Nearly Natural 78-inch Green Artificial Cactus Plant from Lowe's
  • NOW we are talking.... CONTEMPORARY SOUTHWESTERN at its finest!!!!  I love it!   I hope you love it too.

    For more ideas with a western theme, check out the White Oak Lichen blog as well.

    large rock formation picture displayed on hall wall above side table


    Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

    Lisa Blount is an experience photographer, capturing her experiences thru life and turning them into fine art.   

     Since ART is a true reflection of what the artist sees, feels, and interprets - it is therefore a reflection of ones self .... thru their ART. 

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