nautical themed moodboard featuring boat sail in dark room

Nicely Nautical - Decor Mood board to sail away with

Decor.... to sail away with

Do you find yourself working at your desk, thinking you'd rather be.... sailing or fishing, or on the water somewhere?    Me too!    The beautiful blue sky with the sail and mast in front of it.   This ART causes energy and relaxation.   Energy - to get you motivated to get your work done and get outdoors; relaxation because you know how relaxing it will be once you finally arrive.    This decor is a bit more masculine with the dark desk, but could easily be lightened up with a different color desk.   

Today's inspiration and relaxation moment...  The Color of Cross Sails!  

large art of sailboat sail and mast hanging above a shelf in bedroom or office

This room brings together so many different nautical features.   The rug with abstract patterns - creating the feel of ocean waves and foam.   The light is an anchor, the starfish on the planter, and of course the ART with the sail and mast.

There's also plenty of options for you to use your own creativity too!    Add some book ends, sitty-roundy-kinda-things, maybe even a stone globe - to inspire your next outing.


mood board featuring nautical sail and blue skies


I realize that ART is an investment!   When you invest in ART, you want to showcase that art - and make sure it’s appreciated by others as much as you appreciate it!   As a fine art photographer, I have seen clients struggle with where to place pieces of art.  Clients love the piece of art, but they just aren’t sure how to incorporate it with their furniture, or how it could fit in a room or what decor could coordinate. 

Mood boards have turned into my mechanism for showcasing my ART along with some furniture pairing options.    Allowing the visualization of art and furniture together to make a statement in your home or office.


View of someone relaxing on a sailboat looking up the sail towards the blue sky


Here are the 5 steps of my process:  

1. Select your focal point

Decide which piece(s) of art will be the focal point or inspiration point for the room/building.   


Custom sizing is available - so don’t let that stop your creativity!  

Color of Cross Sails - Featured art.   

This art is available in either TruLife Acrylic or High Gloss Chromaluxe Metal.   

The TruLife Acrylic is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary.

The Chromaluxe Metal is a glossier, does reflect light but is cheaper.  

You can’t go wrong with either one - it just depends on what your preference, style and budget can afford.   Both would be absolutely stunning, beautiful ... and bringing a bit of nature... INSIDE!


A little bit about this art: This art was taken on a catamaran cruise in St Lucia.   The sun was close to setting, but the sky was vibrant and blue.   Looking skyward, I thought this was so peaceful.  The cross of the mast leading the direction, the wind blowing just enough to keep us moving forward.... and not a cloud in the sky.   Almost like a bubble-bath commercial.    

2. Build a theme   

The theme …. Nautical Office!!   

Two things happen when you walk into your office.   1) You need to have energy!  This place is going to drive your thoughts, your business, your creativity!   You need to be able to feel confident and energized in this room.    2) You need to be able to take breaks from that energy and recharge your brain.   

The color scheme and ART tied together do just that.     Energize and R-Charge combined into one amazing nautical office!  

3. Create a Moodboard

mood board featuring nautical sail and blue skies

Visualize the items together.   I do this by creating a moodboard.   Whether I pick these exact items or not - this gives me a starting place for options for the room, for the art, and my style.

Tweak it until you’re happy with it. 

Not everyone’s style is the same - so incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you love it!     Personally, I love nature and abstract, so that is what I have a tendency to lean towards.   Nature is calming for me - plus it's full of beautiful colors that occur.... naturally!    In this board, I have incorporated nature in both the outside picture of the sails and the peace lily plant.


Start shopping!

LET'S GO!!  This is literally the best part!!!   (At least until the credit card statement arrives... but let's not focus on that right now.).   Let's have a bit of F.U.N.!!!

Below are the items that I selected to go with this art / mood board.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   I find that mood boards are recommendations or suggestions of the look you want.   You may find a brown desk that has the same trim as a side chair and you like that together.   Go for it.   It's your room - get what you like.   I just feel that a mood board is such a great starting point - as its a visual of what you like.      

Regardless, find something that you LOVE!   Find something that is your style and your taste of decor.   Afterall, it is your space!    

The Color of Cross Sails fine art is nautical, abstract, nature, blue and directional.   

mood board featuring nautical sail and blue skies


Let's get the nautical office make-over started!  

Once the art is selected, which I refer to as the INSPIRATION PIECE of the entire room.   I focus on the next large visual object - the desk.   I selected a dark executive desk with accents that match the small tables.       

The rug is a hugs visual.   This rug has what appears to be ocean waves on it.  It's an abstract pattern - but I can just imagine these around my feet as I'm standing in the sand.   It's beautiful AND functional AND.... theme appropriate!
Let's paint the walls!!   I selected Sherwin Williams Dovetail #7018 as my wall choice.   A nice neutral gray.     

Lighting!   This light is so fun and so nautical!   This nautical light is a conversation piece in itself.  The question may be asked.... is the light from the sailboat in the picture?  

Now, let's talk seating.....   The office chair would be your top consideration.  Since you will likely be here much of the time you're in this room.     My best suggestion is to find one to coordinate with your desk .... and sit, sit, sit.    Try out different chairs and see which fits you best.  

The next chairs you'll need are the  side chairs.   They tie in with the metal and the dark.  

The last bit is the finishing touches. 

A set of 3 nesting tables and a potted plant - complete with a starfish planter!  


Offices should have a window - to provide lots of natural light and remind you to get up and walk outside every once in a while.    Crazy story: one office building I worked in was an old grocery store.  No windows.  You had no idea what the weather was doing until you opened the door to leave.   One winter day, I was optimistic... I bundled myself up, put on my sunglasses, walked out the door... and it was snowing!!   Long story short - make sure your office has a window!!  

mood board featuring nautical sail and blue skies


There you have it - your dreamy office space!    Are you feeling energized to start a project yet?     READY.... SET..... GO! 


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Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

A little bit about me:  I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Having a 30 year career in Corporate America, has allowed me the opportunity to now do what I love - take pictures and add some beautiful art to your world!


To find other pieces of art, please check out my website


(Please note:  I am not affiliated with or promoting any of the furniture or accessories - only my art.   I will give you links to where I found the items, but it’s only for reference - as I simply found pieces that I liked that I felt could enhance the art when grouped with it.)

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