Hot pink moodboard featuring large art of pink and green Caladium from St Lucia

Hot Pink Nature Themed Mood Board | Tropical Caladium Plant Art

Pink and Green Tropical Caladium

I'm a sucker for a pop of color - especially when it's focal point is a beautiful abstract art piece.  Hot pink, dramatic, tropical ... what more could you ask for?    With those elements you suddenly you have the makings of an amazing, dramatic room!  Some days you just need a room with some dramatic decor.   One that will lift your spirits and brighten your day.    This mood board full of decor ideas for your room will definitely do that.   So let's get started!!     

Need some cheer?    Hot pink and green - how much cheerier can you get than that?

Close-up caladium plant leaf

I was raised in a family of people who believed in neutral colors.   Sure we had a few other colors - but our lives were mostly tan, ecru, brown and occasionally a white wall or fun wallpaper would appear. 

Frankly, I got a little tired of those boring colors - and started looking for COLOR!   Give me color and I’m happy!    It doesn’t have to be as bold as this - but be brave - GO BOLD!

Let's Build that Mood Board!

When I had the inspiration to make a statement out of this piece of ART with a mood board …. I jumped on it and jumped in with BOTH FEET!!    And I LOVE IT!   I just look at it and think … First, I can’t believe I just did that;  Second, wow - I just did that and I love it!

Not everyone in your household may be up for a bold hot pink room.   I get it.   My family wouldn’t be either - except that I’m the only female in the house - so they would humor me a little.   They would roll their eyes and say, “oh that’s her area”.   But you know what …. I like that!   I like the cozy blanket, the bright colors, the bright LED light and maybe for just a few minutes…. Some quiet “mom only” time.   

How I did this ….  I started with the ART!   Because I HEART ART!     

  1. Select your BOLD COLOR!   Go on - do it.   If you love the color - go for it.
  2. Select the ART that represents that color or your interests.   Make it your focal point!  
  3. Look up different furniture that you like, or themes that you like, and start capturing them either in screen shots, a moodboard, or printing them out.   Keep them together - so that you can visualize your room before you start making purchases.
  4. Have fun - don’t hurry the process, enjoy it.   Design, Shop, Laugh, Smile and…. ENJOY!   

When you invest in ART, you want to showcase that art - and make sure it’s appreciated by others as much as you appreciate it!   As a fine art photographer, I have seen clients struggle with where to place pieces of art.  Clients love the piece of art, but they just aren’t sure how to incorporate it with their furniture, or how it could fit in a room or what decor could coordinate.  So I’ve created a possible grouping of furniture items to pair along with some of my art.   Allowing the visualization of art and furniture together to make a statement in your home or office.

Let’s get started!

Color of Wet Caladium Art Photography bold hot pink green nature abstract

5 Steps to Build your Mood Board 

1.  Select your BOLD color of choice 

I selected HOT PINK.  Not necessarily because I’m a “hot pink” girl.   More-so because I really  like pink and green together - especially when it's with abstract art - and the water droplets are an added bonus!   



Color of Wet Caladium - Featured art.   

This art is available in either TruLife Acrylic or High Gloss Chromaluxe Metal.   

The TruLife Acrylic is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary.

The Chromaluxe Metal is a glossier, does reflect light but is cheaper.   You can’t go wrong with either one - it just depends on what your preference, style and budget can afford.   

This ART also comes with a “sister” version that has the leaves turned the other way.   Color of Wet Caladium-2

Don’t worry about the size of the art just yet!   Most of my pieces can be custom sized - so just focus on the LOOK that you want right now.


Pink Caladium with water drops on it fine art home decor  A little bit about this art: It was taken in St. Lucia, near Sulphur Springs Volcano mud pots.   It has just rained about 5 minutes - just enough to add some dampness, color, and interest to the beautiful leaves.   I continue to be amazed at the natural beauty and colors found on the island.  This art speaks to me in both the bold colors as well as the beauty created by nature and water droplets.  


2.  Select ART that represents the color you like ... or an ART piece that simply speaks to you 

Art is subjective.   As a photographer, I can’t get upset when someone doesn’t like a piece of my ART.  It’s okay - there are some I don’t like either.   But each person is different.   Their likes and dislikes are what make the world unique and their house a reflection of their interests.

3.  Look up Furniture and Themes that you like and capture them in one spot 

I’m a visual person - so the more pictures, the better.   Screen shots, moodboards, printed copies.   Whatever works for you.  The goal is to get what you want - so whatever method works for you - go for it.

4.  Most Important Step:  Have Fun!!!!

Design, Laugh, Smile and…. ENJOY!    Because you’re going to create an amazing room!

5.  Last but not least:  SHOP!

I think this is self explanatory.  You can either be an online buyer of the items on your mood board, search around town for items close to that, go to a large city and maybe even find the specific items.  If you have specific questions or needs related to my art, I'm here to help!   

Whatever your choice of shopping is - pick what makes you the happiest and causes you less stress.    Personally .... I am a hybrid shopper.    I like to SIT on chairs and couches so I run around town and drive to other cities to find the perfect chair/couch.   Accessories - probably shopping on line, unless I see something while I'm out shopping. 

The Color of Wet Caladium fine art is a statement piece.  The hot pink and bright green immediately capture your attention.   Because of that, I continued with the statement piece throughout the mood board.

Close-up caladium plant leaf


To go along with the bold statement piece of ART - I selected a hot pink chair!   Fuschia Nina Chair | World Market.   I think I sit there, drink my morning tea and ponder the day away - looking out a window, planning an adventure, or just…. Enjoying the quiet.  

I also selected a Art Deco Side Table | Silvered Mirror Lamp Table.   It would be a great place to set your tea/coffee, a book, a lamp or just a great scented candle from Yankee Candle Company.   

Plus - for me - no room is complete without a throw blanket.   The fuzzier the better!!   You know what I mean... one you can snuggle up with on a cold rainy day.   Oh ya!! 

Voila!   You now have a bright cheery spot - just for you!   Grab that cup of hot tea, a good book ... and enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed tips on how I created my mood board.   Now it’s your turn!   Go find some art, focal point, for your room, and search for whatever makes you happy.   Be bold. Be beautiful.  Be YOU!   

Happy creating!



Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer  A little bit about me:  I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Having a 30 year career in Corporate America, has allowed me the opportunity to now do what I love - take pictures and add some beautiful art to your world!

To find other pieces of art, please check out my website


(Please note:  I am not affiliated with or promoting any of the furniture or accessories - only my art.   I will give you links to where I found the items, but it’s only for reference - as I simply found pieces that I liked that I felt could enhance the art when grouped with it.)

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