Relaxing light teal moodboard featuring art of Resurrection Bay Alaska

Biscay Green Teal Water Landscape Mood board featuring Kenai Fjords Alaska Art

Crushing on Biscay Green Teal Mood Board 

I admit - I'm having a bit of a color crush on this one!   I suddenly want to paint a room this color and immediately redecorate.  This place and picture - are simply magical!   The teal ocean waters, the uniqueness of trees standing on lone rocks, the waves crashing against the mossy rocks.... and all of it under a soft haze of clouds.   When paired with gray, the teal is revitalizing and rejuvenating.   This collection of items creates a timeless calming setting - perfect for home or office!  Standing with Friends.

Kenai Fjords, Resurrection Bay, Alaska

Teal waters surround trees growing on individual rocks in kenai fjords Alaska
Teal waters surround trees growing on individual rocks in kenai fjords Alaska

This ART is perfect for any room -  home or office.   From a cozy office to a conference room - this art is captivating.   One of my customers selected this art  for their office and one for their conference room.   I had never imagined it in an office ... but now that's all I can visualize.   I selected items, however, that would also go into a waiting area, a study, or really any room of the house or office. 

Biscay Green and Teal Moodboard 

This was such a fun mood board to put together.    Combining the colors with some of the unique attributes with Alaska - cold weather.   STANDING WITH FRIENDS, can definitely stand on it's own This art draws you in to see if you're really seeing what you think you are.   Trees.... on rocks.... It's like straight out of a fairy tale or mystical story.   This art brings nature and beauty…. INSIDE!

Using ART to enhance the beauty of your room or your surroundings – always makes me happy!   I like to use ART to remind me of an event, a trip, a vacation, a memory, or just for the beauty!   Investing in those memories now will keep them alive and can be positive reminders of the beauty all around us. 

As a fine art photographer, I have seen clients struggle with where to place pieces of art.  Clients love the piece of art, but they just aren’t sure how to incorporate it with their furniture, or how it could fit in a room or what decor could coordinate.  Those questions and challenges led me to creating mood boards with groupings of furniture items to pair along with my ART.   They have been a huge success so far, and I hope that you enjoy them as well.   Allowing visualization of ART and furniture together may help you make some decisions faster or even challenge you to think differently about what selections you do make. 

Ready to build that mood board?    Let's go!


5 Steps to build your Mood Board

1.  Select your Room

 For this mood board, I selected pieces that could be found in both a casual area or office area – such as a small waiting room, office or conference room.   It could just as easily have been a living area - the main living room or side sitting area off the bedroom or other room.   

I feel like this is such a versatile piece of ART – that it could go just about anywhere.      

2.  Select your Focal Point 

Decide which piece(s) of art will be the focal point or inspiration point for the room.   




Kenai Fjords Alaska with its unique mounds of rock topped by large evergreen trees
Standing with Friends - Featured art.   


The TruLife Acrylic art piece  is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary and one of my favorite mediums to use!


 Let the creativity flow!  Pick the size of art that fits your space.    Many of my pieces are customizable by the inch (some require you to be in the same proportions).    I can generate a custom quote for you - just reach out !


A little bit about this art:   

Standing with Friends:  This amazing landscape is found in Kenai Fjords, Resurrection Bay, Alaska.   Many days it is raining or the landscape is difficult to see.   I just happened to luck out on my visit and get the perfect cloudy day for capturing the shot.   If only those rocks could talk ... the stories they would tell.   Of when they were surrounded by ice, or ships that came to close.   


3.  Build a Theme 

My theme for this mood board was more about calming.   Not necessarily relaxing – as in snuggle in with a good book, but more of a neutral yet energizing vibe.   Spur creativity yet peacefully escape into the island.   

4.  Create a Mood board

Visualize the items together.   I do this by creating a mood board.    I am such a visualization person.   

One of my customers selected this art immediately for their office.   I had never imagined it in an office ... but now that's all I can visualize.   I selected items, however, that would also go into a waiting area, a study, or really any room of the house.

5.  Tweak the design until you're happy with it!Teal waters surround trees growing on individual rocks in kenai fjords Alaska

Not everyone’s style is the same - so incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you love it!    

The goal here is to LOVE what’s on your mood board.  Be happy with

Teal waters surround trees growing on individual rocks in kenai fjords Alaska


Obvious next step.... Start shopping!

Below are the items that I selected to go with this ART / mood board.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   Either way - find something that YOU will LOVE!   Afterall, it is your home or office!    

Standing with Friends ....
Teal waters surround trees growing on individual rocks in kenai fjords Alaska

 Ethan Allen's THE BENNETT couch – Ethan Allen's The Bennett couch color Chance Seaglass (F3821) pairs perfectly with the colors of the ocean in this Alaska print.    I'm truly crushing out on this couch color!!   I love it!!  it is a clean-cut couch which would be great in a waiting room or office area.  

 Florence Knoll Lounge Chair (Gray) – which you could easily use several of these - depending on the size and seating area of your room.  

I have also used a few accents:

 Floor Lamp - What a fun floor lamp.   I was immediately drawn to this with this ART due to the different lights coming from the base - just like the trees growing from the rocks.

*  Side Table - Brings interest and functionality to the room.   The round side table matches the round rock bases in the ART.

*  Glass - Just for fun!

Neutral Fur Pillow - Bringing a little bit of Alaska fun into the equation.   Plus, how can you NOT like a fur pillow.   Seriously!!

Gray Fur Pillow - Ditto!  

Fur Throw Blanket  -  Double-ditto!   (This is an absolute must for those of you - like me - who are always cold!!)

Table Lamp - Okay - I love this lamp!   I bought it for my son's room - and I'm obsessed with it.  I think I want one if every room of my house.    It's touch sensitive and when you put an LED bulb in there - it's insanely bright. 

When I looked at my finished mood board I was completely surprised that I missed adding a plant.   I feel that a plant is an inviting, welcoming addition to a room - so be creative with the greenery here.    Once again – adding to the idea of bringing nature inside.

Hope you enjoyed tips on how I created my mood board.   Now it’s your turn!   Go find some art, focal point, for your room, and search for whatever makes you happy.  Be bold. Be beautiful.  Be YOU!   

Happy creating!

Standing with Friends 


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Not ready for a big bold statement on the wall just yet?   Many pieces of my art also com in smaller (6x6, 8x8) acrylic blocks.  They are small pieces of art that you can lay flat or sit on a shelf, mantle or table.   Place it wherever you need a pop of color or relaxation or a statement piece … you can place an acrylic block.  Acrylic Blocks


Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer


A little bit about me:  I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Having a 30 year career in Corporate America, has allowed me the opportunity to now do what I love - take pictures and add some beautiful art to your world!


To find other pieces of art, please check out my website


(Please note:  I am not affiliated with or promoting any of the furniture or accessories - only my art.   I will give you links to where I found the items, but it’s only for reference - as I simply found pieces that I liked that I felt could enhance the art when grouped with it.)


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