Gallery Tour


Gallery Tour with Lisa Blount fine art photography

Guided art tours of some selected pieces by Lisa Blount.

Located at 6576 Lynch's Prairie Cv, Suite A, Springdale, Arkansas.    This custom built office space highlights many pieces of art by Lisa Blount.

Several limited edition and one of a kind pieces are on display and feature the mediums of - Chromaluxe Metal, TruLife Acrylic, Dibond Brushed Metal and Canvas.

Many pieces can be purchased straight off the wall.  Additional pieces shown and from the website can be ordered, special sizes requested etc.

I would love to help collaborate with you and add some ART to your WORLD!

To ensure that I'm onsite, please reach out to me or reserve a time slot in the link below.


A little bit about the artist:

My love of nature has me capturing flowers, landscapes, fruit, barns – anything outside.  For many years, I captured memories of family vacations, children’s activities and events.   One day, I realized how important those pictures were.   As dementia hit my family members, I realized those pictures could be used as a gateway to happy memories, feelings and emotions.   As an artist, I love to see the look on a face when art triggers or brings back a memory or story.    

How many times as children did we want to ride on a train, climb to the top of the mountain, swim like fish, or pluck a grape from the vine?   I want my art to make you stop and reflect on a place or event.   I want you to see beyond the picture.  I want you to see the sounds, see the smells and remember.

The Chilled Wine collection captures some of my travel memories during a time in my life where I needed to capture every moment that I could before life passed me by.    The Finding Colors of Life collection captures some of the beautiful bold colors of life.  Among all that felt so dark and gray in 2020 – color arises.  Bright colors of families reuniting, repairing relationships, people experiencing nature, bold colors of change, calm colors of peace.  

By capturing the world around me, those moments and stories are now frozen in time and remain alive – in something that will last long after my memory fades and I am no longer around to tell the stories myself.  My challenges have defined me into a new person - a person who has seen dark valleys, but instead wants to focus on the beauty in life. 

I want to share my journey with you by opening a window into my world.  As you gaze into the window, you will get a glimpse of my experiences, memories and stories.  Travels that extend from the quaint vineyards of Napa to the larger-than-life landscapes of Alaska; the wilderness of Wyoming to the tropical breezes of St Lucia.   And the natural beauty of home – in Northwest Arkansas.

While viewing the art,  with its rich bold colors of nature and selected mediums, my hope is that you will immerse yourself into the art as you pause, reflect, remember… and smile!

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