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Top Photo-Worthy Sites to Visit in Alaska's Inner Passage

Are you an art lover looking for a unique travel experience?

Did you travel to Alaska, but miss the perfect shot?   Look no further than Lisa's Blount's fine art - and Alaska, the northernmost state in the United States, known for its rugged wilderness and stunning scenery.  Let's explore my top five places to visit in Alaska for art enthusiasts.  And find the best photo opportunities, as well as highlighting the diverse range of art styles and mediums I use featuring Alaska landscapes. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Alaska - thru the eyes of Lisa Blount's art.

All Aboard Alaska - on the TRAIN

Aboard Alaska captures memories of an unforgettable ride and experience on the Alaska Railroad, with stunning views of the landscapes, glaciers and wildlife. 


Spencer Glacier

Spencer Glacier is a unique destination right outside Girdwood, Alaska.  You can only get here by rail at at the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop.  Known for their massive floating glacier ice, this stunning landscape is full of incredible views, and is a great place to explore. Alaska Glacier Wave fine art photography was taken there during a raft ride around the glacier.   Whether you're looking for a peaceful hike, or a thrilling adventure, Spencer Glacier will not disappoint.

 iceberg in spencer lake that is shaped like a giant ocean wave

Color of Icebergs

The Color of Icebergs is an close-up view of one of the icebergs on Spencer Lake.  This stunning abstract art draws you in as you realize that you are viewing ice that's hundreds of years old.  When calving, the dense ice flips over to where the heaver side ends (usually what was on top) up underneath the water leaving the part of the calved iceberg that you see exposing hundreds of year old ice.  

Large square TruLife acrylic upside down iceberg over teal blue water In Alaska by Lisa Blount


Standing Alone in Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords is a magical destination in Alaska.  With a stunning landscape and mystic views, this art, Standing Alone, captures some of its beauty.  This award winning limited editing art captures just a glimpse of this place.   Take a boat ride out - enjoy the views, whales, puffin birds and.... the magic of this place.

large art of tree standing on a rock that is surrounded by water in resurrection bay alaska

Standing with Friends

Standing with Friends is the horizontal view of the above piece in the Kenai Fjords.  This stunning landscape is full of incredible views, and is a great place to experience. 

trees on rocks surrounded by water iconic scene in resurrection bay alaska

Glacier Bay Sunbathing Sea Lions

Glacier Bay is an incredible cruise destination in Alaska. This stunning landscape is full of breathtaking views, glaciers and .... sealions!    We just happened to float by this island full of playful sealions while the sun was out, the clouds were minimal - and they were basking in the sunshine!   Glacier Bay Sunbathing Sea Lions captures mountains, water, trees and sea lions for a beautiful photographic shot.   You can only get here via boat or plane and primarily May thru September.   Check out the NPS for more details.  

sea lions sunbathing on an island on a beautiful day in alaska national park

Mendenhall Glacier

The amazing Mendenhall Glacier is an incredible destination in Alaska. The glacier is about 12-13 miles long.  To look at Mendenhall Glacier is a bit overwhelming.   In the below fine art, you can see the glacier, a waterfall (that starts at the top of that mountain), and if you look near the bottom of the waterfall you see some small black specs ... those are people!   Whether you're looking for a peaceful hike, or a chance to casually take in some fresh air, views and nature, you won't leave Mendenhall disappointed. 

Mendenhall glacier alaska showing waterfall lake glacier and eagles flying

Color of Icebergs

The Color of Icebergs is an incredible destination in Alaska. This stunning landscape is full of incredible views, and is a great place to explore. Whether you're looking for a peaceful hike, or a thrilling adventure, The Color of Icebergs is sure to have something for you.

Luxury living room featuring large blue and teal macro art of frozen iceberg floating on Spencer Lake Alaska

No matter what destination you pick in Alaska, you are sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience leaving you with memories and stories to treasure forever.  With its stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, and endless opportunities for adventure, Alaska is a must-visit destination.  So, if you're looking for an unforgettable experience, be sure to check out these top sites to visit in Alaska.  

Take your camera, load up on memory cards, and set out to explore Alaska.   If you miss the perfect shot, check out my Alaska Collection - I may have captured one for you!  

Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

Lisa Blount is an experience photographer, capturing her experiences thru life and turning them into fine art.   

 Since ART is a true reflection of what the artist sees, feels, and interprets - it is therefore a reflection of ones self .... thru their ART. 

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