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Oxbow Bend GTNP, Wyoming

Oxbow Bend

No trip to the Grand Teton National Park is complete without a visit to Oxbow Bend.   Located near the Moran Entrance Station of the Grand Teton National Park, this famous picturesque spot is worthy of a stop.

The oxbow bend is a crescent shaped change in the Snake River that is formed by years of erosion where the river changed its course.

Reflecting on the Oxbow Bend of Snake River is Mount Moran, trees, sky, and some swans.   


Fine art wall decor Oxbow Bend reflection of Mount Moran landscape view.  By Lisa Blount


Where is OXBOW BEND?

Oxbow Bend is located just past the Moran Entrance Station of the Grand Teton National Park.    Follow Hwy 191 for several miles, and Oxbow Bend will be on your left.   

Oxbow Bend Map



When to Visit

My favorite time to visit Oxbow Bend is of a morning.   (Don't worry, it doesn't have to be super early!).   My favorite morning time is around 10 am.   This is just before it gets crazy out there!   

You will see people painting this beautiful scene, lots of camera, and lots of people just enjoying.... nature!   Try to plan your day around the weather - blue skies (or partly blue) is your friend with this photo opportunity!   Gray or rainy days you won't get the same reflection.


What to Expect

Let's be honest.... there will be lots of people.   This is a tourist hot spot for the Grand Tetons (rightfully so!!).   

We actually went past Oxbow Bend and turned around.  We parked on the side of the road to get this magnificent shot of Mount Moran and its reflection in Oxbow Bend.   By doing that, you don't have to fight the crowd.   Plus, I like the view from the angle rather than straight on.


My Favorite Part

Stopping and enjoying the beauty in nature!    I don't know about you, but I definitely need time to just unplug and get away from the daily noise and distractions in my life.   

Sitting and enjoying this beautiful Wyoming scenery is definitely one of my favorite 'unplug places'.    

Psalm 121:1-2 “I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”


Loved OXBOW BEND, but missed the shot?  OR IT WAS CLOUDY?

As a photographer, I love sharing my experiences thru my art.   I say that I like my art to allow you to.... pause, reflect, remember and smile!

You can BUY THIS PIECE on my site!!

I feel like this piece definitely captures all those feels.  This 30x20 or 45x30 Oxbow Bend fine art is printed on TruLife Acrylic, museum mounted and is a truly beautiful way to enjoy Wyoming - from the inside!   Wrong size?   No worries, just reach out to me and I can try to custom size the piece just for your space!

Oxbow Bend by Lisa Blount makes beautiful wall decor for both home and office.      

Room view of oxbow bend grand tetons.  fine art wall decor by Lisa Blount


Decor for home or office

Grand Tetons reflection on oxbow bend.  fine art by Lisa Blount Photography 

Wherever your travels take you in Wyoming - make sure Oxbow Bend is on your bucket list!    Safe Travels!


Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

Lisa Blount is an experience photographer, capturing her experiences thru life and turning them into fine art.   

 Since ART is a true reflection of what the artist sees, feels, and interprets - it is therefore a reflection of ones self .... thru their ART. 

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