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What Type of Art Photography do I do?

 What type of Photographer are you?

What type of Photography do I do? I’ve tried to come up with a name for what fits my style and passion.   It's not an easy answer because it's not a typical answer.  Most people are expecting me to say .... portraits, sports, travel, wedding.  Nope - well... not exactly.   I do those and enjoy that but the real motive behind the lens is more from an experience perspective.    Capturing the moment - not creating it.


Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer and Artist







* Photo cred Meredith Mashburn - Springdale Art Walk


Nature Photographer

I started with NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER, however people assumed I’m sitting in a greenhouse taking pictures of flowers.   I can do that.  (Well, I don’t know about sitting in a greenhouse all day … but I can definitely take a picture of a beautiful flower.)   In fact ... I look for beautiful flowers and landscapes to take pictures of. I just look outside of the greenhouse and in gardens, landscapes, fields and forests.

Small print of purple wisteria flower by Lisa Blount


Landscape Photographer

Then I moved on to LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER, people then assumed I’m taking pictures of people’s flowerbeds and home landscaping. (I can’t make this up!!  Seriously!!).  I’m sure I can do that, as I have been known to find my neighbor in his front yard mowing wheat!  (And was Farm Credit August picture for 2022).

I actually loved this because it was an experience.  He had just gotten some new equipment to cut the wheat and was SO PROUD of his wheat harvest.   

 John Deere tractor harvesting wheat field fine art photography


Experience Photographer

I am an EXPERIENCE PHOTOGRAPHER.  I want my art to actually connect with you in a way that it reminds you of something.  Whether it be a trip, an experience you had, memories, or maybe even a bucket list item.   I want my art to spark a memory (or a dream) and allow you to “pause, reflect, and remember.” 


Resurrection bay large art wall decor on gray living room wall


Have you ever been to Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska?  Is that one of your Experiences?

STANDING ALONE won the Crystal Bridges Ansel Adams photography fan favorite title.





Best Example of Experience Photography

Sometimes the best examples are real-life examples!  I was explaining what Experience Photography means to me alongside my art COLOR OF SAND from St Lucia.   Immediately, this struck a memory for the person and I got to hear her story of St. Lucia and her experience of riding out a hurricane on the island.  Now THAT is a memory!!   

Whimsical sand photo art

That is the short version and THE. BEST. EXAMPLE. of what I want my art to be about.   EXPERIENCES!!!


We All Have a Story

I have a story. You have a story.   And stories need to be told.   

My story of experience photography started when I would bring pictures to my Dad (who had dementia).  Some were people, some were pictures of items and places like barns, tractors, animals.  He would quickly and easily connect with some of the pictures.  In fact, his eyes would sparkle and we’d quickly be discussing something that happened over 60 years ago!  

I soon realized that my photography and art was making a connection.   In fact, it was making connections that normal conversations could not.  And for a brief moment would bring back the person we all knew pre-dementia.   That connection and memory recollection has expanded to other people and their personal experiences and connections - all thru art!

Our stories should be shared - not hidden!  What’s one your stories or experiences? What piece of art speaks to those experiences?

Find art that ignites the passion of  those experiences/memories, recall a story and bring a smile to your face!

Connection. Recollection. Experiences.

multnomah falls waterfall fine art on dark grey wall
The beautiful Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.   Have you been there?  Do you have an experience from there?





I invite you to follow along on my art journey and see if I have captured an art piece that speaks to your experiences.

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