Lisa Blount standing in front of trulife acrylic nature abstract art as OzPros Dental Office

Spotlight on the Artist - Lisa Blount, photographer

Today we are going to focus on the ARTIST behind the ART - Lisa Blount.   Since ART is a true reflection of what the artist sees, feels, and interprets - it is therefore a reflection of ones self .... thru their ART.

Lisa Blount, Artist, Photographer

Born in California, Lisa moved to Arkansas when she was 10 years old and has spent the rest of her life within 7 miles of where her grandparents homesteaded in 1936, and her mother was born in 1939.   An only child of an only child, Lisa has spent hours being creative.  She loves crafting, creativity and streamlining processes.   While life in Arkansas looks much different today than it did 40 years ago, Lisa appreciates the simple but beautiful things in life - like nature, the outdoors and landscapes.    She loves to travel with her family and capture those experiences - and then turn those travels and memories into ART for others to enjoy. 

Lisa has been married to her husband, Jim, for almost 26 years.   They have two amazing boys that (in her opinion) hang the moon.   They all play many roles in her ART - the subject, the equipment carrier, the ART installers, the travel companions and most importantly the REASON that she pushes forward to do her best.   


Q:  What is your favorite past-time or hobby?

A:  To say taking photographs would be the expected answer.   And I absolutely love it.   I'm a crafter.  I like crafting.    I've spent my whole life taking pictures, scrapbooking, making collages of pictures and digital photo books.    So not only do I like to take pictures, I enjoy the fun side of crafting associated with it.

Q:  How did you first get into Photography?

A:  I've always taken photos.   Whenever I would go on a school trip or family vacation, I always had to go stock up on film or purchase disposable cameras.  I can't remember a time that I wasn't taking pictures!    About 14 years ago, my family took a trip to Yellowstone.   I was so excited to see "the critters", I really wanted a good camera to capture the photos.    So I went to the store and invested in (my price range) of a good camera.    That was the beginning of several of my ART photos.

Q:  What is your favorite thing to photograph?

A: My favorite thing is ... whatever catches my eye at that time.   I don't go looking for a shot - or force the shot.   I wait until the shot comes to me.  Many people set the stage for what they want to capture.   I simply let life happen and see where the shot takes me.   I am always drawn to nature, abstract and landscapes.   I love capturing the beauty and uniqueness in each of those.  Lichen is one of my favorites - as you can find SO MANY different colors, shapes and designs in lichen. 

Right now, I'm doing a bit more traveling than normal and (every so often) I document it in my Travel Blog.  (I'm not quite as good at that as I'd like to be!)


Q:  How does your ART relate to your life story?

A:  A person's life, including their ART is an evolving story.    For me, I have used my ART as a means of documenting what my eyes see.  Capturing experiences.  When my children were little, I wanted to capture all of the details of our vacations so I could document them in a scrapbook.  I wanted them to remember our trips and time together.  I wanted them to go thru the books and smile!   As it turned out, when I watched my children go thru the scrapbook... I was actually the one smiling! 

As time went on, my parents got older - and I found myself using my pictures and ART for them too.    My dad developed vascular dementia, and had to work in order to remember faces and names.  I printed pictures (that I had taken) of his homestead, pictures of our family, and pictures of anything that I felt would remind him of his life.  I really wasn't sure if this would help - but I thought it was worth a try!    I was amazed at the number of times I came into his room and he was going thru the pictures.   Trying to remember.   Trying to put the pieces together in his brain.  

It was then that I realized my ART could be used for much more than a scrapbook.   My ART has purpose.   My ART could actually cause people to.... pause, reflect and remember.    And thus, Lisa Blount Photography gained a new focus.

Q:  What makes your art different?

A:  There are two things that make my art different.    First, my art captures experiences.  It captures either something beautiful or something that will spark a memory or remind you of an experience, vacation or event.   Second, my art comes in many sizes, custom sizes and extra large sizes.  As a photographer, when I print extra large sizes, I'm amazed at what the photo looked like (thru a 1 inch viewfinder) to seeing it in real-life 5 feet long on a wall.  

Q:  Isn't it just a photo?  

A:  Yes and No.  It starts as a photo, but ends in ART!    I only offer a few printing options for my art.   TruLife Acrylic, Chromaluxe High Gloss Metal and Dibond Brushed Metal.   Not all of the pieces are available in those mediums.  My pieces pieces are large, beautiful, eye catching and conversation starters.  Much more than just a simple photo.    .... ART!

Q:  Why do you select those specific mediums?  

A:  I select the best mediums that I have found for the pieces of ART.  Yes they are more expensive that printing on a piece of paper.   However, they are a complete package.   When you receive the ART, there's nothing else to do, except hang it!  I feel that if you're going to invest in ART - you should get a high quality product and one that you would be proud to hang on the wall for many years.

The process is very elaborate for the TruLife Acrylic.  A special silicone glue archival crystal clear film adhesive is applied to the print.  The photo is then mounted to it, creating an air tight bond, with no light reflection between the glass and the photo. It adds depth and makes the photo look like it is part of the acrylic.   The art is museum mounted, which means there is a wooden museum backing to the print that creates a 1 inch space between the wall and the picture.   It makes the art appear like you're looking into a window - maybe a window of memories, or experiences.

Q:  Is your ART signed?

A:  All of my art is digitally signed.   It's my signature - added to the photo before it's printed.  

Q:  Do you have any limited edition pieces?  

A: YES!!!   I have several pieces that are limited edition.   They will be digitally signed, and numbered.

Q:  I can't envision ART in a room - do you have any suggestions?

A:  As an artist, I always focus on the ART.   I think ART should be the center of the focal point when you enter a room.   With that in mind, I have created some mood boards to pair furniture and ART.   

They can be found in my blog:  ART with Mood Boards.   

I have found these extremely helpful and have been told by many people that they loved waiting for the next mood board and blog to be published.

lisa blount photography mood board caladium
Weathered wood mood board Lisa Blount Photography
abstract green moss mood board lisa blount

Q:  Where do I go to see your ART?

A:  I'm online!   My ART can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; and greeting cards in Etsy.   

I understand that online doesn't work for everyone.   Sometimes you just want to SEE it in person.  I'm that way too!   The ART looks much better in real-life than any picture I can take of it.    With that in mind, I have a gallery wall at a local business in Springdale, Arkansas.   Some of the pieces are on display at the office - some are available for sale, others will need to be ordered and can be shipped to your home or office.   If this is something you would be interested in doing, contact me for an appointment and I can walk you thru the building and show you some of the pieces that are on display.

Lisa Blount Photography Gallery Wall Lynchs Prairie


Also, hopefully returning in the Spring of 2021, I partner with an Interior Design Firm and do an "Art, Wine & Design" evening where you could meet both the designers and the artist.   That event has been widely attended and is just a lot of fun.   I love getting to meet new people and talk about my ART!   I usually try to have several new pieces along with some smaller take home items like acrylic blocks, greeting cards, coasters and magnets.

Q:  Where in the U.S. do you have ART?

A: My ART has been purchased by customers across the United States.  However, it is only for sale online at or by contacting me directly. 

I am honored to have a couple of pieces of my ART hanging in the budget room of the US Capitol.  This was a complete surprise request for me and am truly honored that my ART has been able to represent Northwest Arkansas in Washington D.C.  

arkansas missouri trainuniversity arkansas old main tower art by Lisa Blount

Q:  Is your ART made in the USA?

A:  Yes!  I am proud to say that my ART is printed and assembled in the USA.  By purchasing a piece of ART from me, you are supporting at least 2 small businesses in the US.      


 Q:  I need a specific size, but I don't see it listed.

A: Great question!!  Most of my prints can be custom sized to fit your need.   Just let me know and I can give you a custom quote!!   One of the things I am excited to offer is this flexibility in sizing.   I consider myself more of a boutique artist - in that I don't sell mega volumes of prints to retail stores.  I specialize in helping you get the ART that you want.  I know not all ART fits on every wall and every space.  And it shouldn't.  Your selection of ART is as unique to you as the space you want it to fill.   Let me know what you want/need and I'll see what I can do to make it work. 


Thank you so much for your time.  Hopefully you have learned a little bit about the ARTIST behind Lisa Blount Photography.  In her site, you will see the colors of her life and experiences coming thru in her ART - as she opens a window into her world, her eye, and her experiences.


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