Office themed Moodboard focused on art of US Capitol building and reflection

Washington DC US Capitol Building - Professional Office Decor Mood Board

Beautiful office decor ideas with a focus on the US Capitol Fine Art.

I'm totally taken back by the architecture, the beauty, the symbolism, the.... BIGNESS of Washington DC - specifically the US Capitol building.    The building that stands against the challenges of debates, weather, democracy, life - you name it - those discussions happen here!   Not to mention the grandiosity of the marble, and the SIZE of the whole building.   My gosh - you can see it for what feels like miles as you walk in any direction. 

Reflection of US Capitol at night large art decor

I think anytime is appropriate to show some focus on the historical beauty of this nation!  

This photo was taken in when the House of Representatives were still in a budget debate.   See the flag raised on the House side?   That means they are still in session.   About 10 minutes after this shot - the light went out.    I love how the flag is lit - you don't see that often - and I think it makes a beautiful statement piece.   

I consider this piece a heavy art due to the night-time sky.  Because of that, I have a tendency to imagine it more in an office space. 

This piece makes a perfect gift for your favorite historian, politician, administrator, or teacher.   Perfect retirement, anniversary or celebration gift.   (Side note:  I can put a special backing on this that can allow people to sign it with a Sharpie - to make this a truly personalized gift.) 

The mood board that I've created is around the office theme.       

US Capitol Budget Debate!  

Contemporary sitting area office featuring large wall art of US Capitol Building

When you invest in ART, you want to showcase that art - and make sure it’s appreciated by others as much as you appreciate it!   As a fine art photographer, I have seen clients struggle with where to place pieces of art.  Clients love the piece of art, but they just aren’t sure how to incorporate it with their furniture, or how it could fit in a room or what decor could coordinate.  Because of that, I’ve created a possible grouping of furniture items to pair along with some of my art.   Allowing the visualization of art and furniture together to make a statement in your home or office.

 US Capitol debate night light flag reflection pool washington dc wall home office decor art photography

If you’ve read my other blogs - you know the drill … here’s my steps and the links to where I found the items that I felt paired well with the ART.

5 steps in action!  

Select your focal point

Decide which piece(s) of art will be the focal point or inspiration point for the room/building.   


US Capitol during Budget Debate - Featured art.   

This art is available in either TruLife Acrylic.

The TruLife Acrylic is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary.

40x30 is a limited edition size of 100 prints.  Many of my pieces of ART can come in custom sizes, so don’t let size limit your decorating creativity!


A little bit about this art: This art was taken while I was visiting my son in Washington DC.   As a college student, he was awarded the opportunity to intern with a congressman.   We were walking back to his  place after dinner - taking the scenic route - and I nearly stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the capitol building!   DC was quiet.   The water was calm.  The flag was raised - showing that the House of Representatives was still in session.  Minimal cars.  It was... simply... BEAUTIFUL!    I knew this would be an experience and fine art piece to be shared with others!!    


US Capitol ART in office and desk setting moodboard


Build a theme

The theme …. Business Office of Type-A Professional!!   

Not my typical theme, but Type A to me means so many different things - strong, independent, multi-task, ambition, focused, driven.    That is what this piece of Art and the theme I've chosen reminds me of.   A place where a Type A personality... can get stuff done!

A true statement piece, this fine art needs a place to call its own, as it will definitely drive people to view the wall.  The art (and decor) calls you into the room, invites you to sit down and soak in the power of the US Capitol.   The power contracts the feeling of calm and relaxation that encounter as you reflect into the water.   This piece is just what the doctor ordered!  

Create a Moodboard

Visualize the items together.   I do this by creating a mood board.   Whether I pick these exact items or not - this gives me a starting place for options for the room, for the art, and my style.

 US Capitol ART in office and desk setting moodboard


Tweak it until you’re happy with it. 

I can't emphasize this enough.   Not everyone’s style is the same - so incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you love it! 

Start shopping!

I'm not gonna lie - this is my second favorite part!!!   (Seeing it hanging on the wall is my definite first favorite part!!) 

Below are the items that I selected to go with this art / mood board.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   Either way - find something that you will LOVE!   After-all, it is your home, study, office.... own it!    

The US Capitol During Budget Debate fine art is very relaxing and warming - and I have matched it with darker colors to create a cozy area.

I selected an office setting for this - because of the Type A theme - and they are usually work-a-holics. 

Reflection of US Capitol at night large art decor

For either all the walls or an accent wall, I have selected colors from Benjamin Moore:   Dragon's Breath, Wrought Iron or Black .... depending on how bold you want to go.

A desk by Labrica with a clean design with little clutter and a comfy executive chair by Herman Miller.   Type-A personalities either want a clutter-free/tidy area or a massive desk able to handle all of their multi-tasking.    I was feeling a little clutter-free and went with a smaller desk.

To add a welcome aspect to the room, I selected a lovely Mamoun Neutral Rug by Eskayel.  

Okay - let's talk light fixtures!!   I have recently been obsessed with beautiful light fixtures and how they can completely MAKE a room!!   This is no exception!   This beautiful Pendant light is an excellent addition to the room, as it provides a unique shape, design and interest.

Of course we need shelving!  All offices need shelving!!!  Hanging shelves - that can be made to look like a bookshelf, shelves or any formation that fits your needs.   I love these corner square shelves!   Great for other small art!!! 

To complete the room we must have accent books and a lovely green fiddle-leaf fig plant.

This room is all tidied up, and ready to get some WORK DONE!!    

This piece also comes in a 5x7 acrylic block.   This is how you can collect art - even when you don’t have an empty wall!   The 5x7 Acrylic Block can be placed anywhere - shelves, tables, mantles.  
US Capitol at night acrylic block shelf decor

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Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  

I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Having a 30 year career in Corporate America, has allowed me the opportunity to now do what I love - take pictures and add some beautiful art to your world!


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