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Measure it Your Way

One of the things that I'm learning is that there are so many different styles, wants and needs of clients and interior designers.    I've found myself working a lot with interior designers to help them find unique pieces of art for their clients.   Unique crop of photos, unique mounting etc.

In fact - one of my favorite things to do is work with Designers to find the Art that works for THEIR CLIENT!   Not what is available just in a store or in bulk online - but finding the art that ties in with their clients room, their likes, their style - and in their size.

My art offerings are more boutique, in that I don't have a mass production schedule of my prints - I print them on demand, and in the size you need them (if possible). 

Many times, clients will send me pictures of their art once it gets hung on the walls.  In a few cases, I've had the professional picture hanger send me pictures - because he's so overjoyed at how the plexiglass looks on the wall!!   

Those pictures fill my heart with joy - as it warms my heart that people love my ART!   Because Art should be experienced.   And the art that speaks to you - causes you to pause, reflect.... and remember!

Client by Lisa Blount Photography
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