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Lisa Blount Photography began with a woman with a camera, a friend with a vision, and a husband pushing his wife out of her comfort zone.    God tells us to dream big and trust Him in ALL things.    With my family's encouragement and knowing that God is in control, I am super excited to announce my fine arts photography .... Lisa Blount Photography. 

I am currently working on building The Gallery at Lynchs Prairie in Springdale, Arkansas.    The gallery currently has about 10 of my prints. 

Lisa Blount Photography specializes in fine arts.    Currently I prefer and recommend the Plexiglass / Acrylic pieces, but a close second is Dibond or High Gloss Metal - depending on the art piece.   None of these require framing and bring a very sleek and modern look to any wall.     Check here for further detailed Product Descriptions

Some of the art will be held in limited edition collections.   I am hoping to have a new limited edition collection every 1-2 years.  The first limited edition is called Chilled Wine - a collection of images from Alaska and Napa.

Join me as I begin this journey.   My hope is that you find something in the collections that speaks to you, momentarily takes your breath away, reminds you of yesterday, brings a smile to your face or simply causes you to pause, reflect .... and remember.


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