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The Forgotten ART of a Note Card

The Forgotten ART of a Note Card

A simple way to let people know that you care and are thinking about them is a greeting card or note card!!   

For years, I thought that note cards (greeting cards) were a waste of money. Thinking that people just threw them in the trash after they read them.   I thought they had conjured up random holidays just to sell more cards.     The older I got, I realized that people who sent me those greeting cards - and those that especially took time to write me a little note in there - were no longer around.   And I found myself CHERISHING those cards.    

A few years ago, when my mother passed away,  something amazing happened in the days following.... I received cards in the mail.   Cards of encouragement.  Cards of love.  Cards meant to lighten my sadness and lift me back on my feet.   I suddenly realized ..... cards sent with love made a difference!    


Those thoughtful people gave me a GIFT that I needed.   And I still cherish each and every card.   Those cards, allowed me to physically hold "love and care" in my hands.   They allowed me to pause, reflect, and remember!!

Today, I go back to old cards that I kept thru the years and love to run across my name written in their handwriting... just for me!   Just to simply find the words... I love you.

Thinking of You Echinacea flower by Lisa Blount Photography

Thru that experience and my photography, I decided that I wanted to make a difference too.   I want to make cards that people can cherish.  Cards that will help send love, encouragement, and especially SMILES to others.   I want to help make a difference - like others made a difference for me.

The cards in my Inspired Expressions collection are more of a personal touch and way of making a difference in someone else’s life.   In todays terms, we coin it “paying it forward”.

I dropped a card off on a co-workers desk the other day.   As I was walking way, I heard him say .... “Wow - it’s even hand-written.   No one does that anymore!”.  He was right - no one does that any more!   But we should!!   ...and I'm going to try to help and make it easier!

The Inspired Expressions by Lisa Blount Photography cards are printed on white Linen Note Cards.   They fold to a 5x7" size, and come with a white envelope.

The inside is blank, allowing you to express encouragement in your own words.   

I can also do some custom thank you cards with a verse on the inside.  If you are interested in that, please let me know and I’d love to help you personalize your cards!   (They must be ordered in Quantities of 25).

thinking of you woodpecker note greeting card 5x7

So, pay it forward .... send someone a note to let them know that you care and are thinking about them!    










New cards are being added daily .... check back often!


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