Bright green moodboard featuring abstract nature art of green moss

Bold Green Moss Mood board with Abstract Art Home Decor

We've all heard the statement... Go Big or Go Home.   This mood board speaks to just that.   Bright green colors that screen SPRING, WARM WEATHER, NEW LIFE and just plain FUN!.  

Have you ever noticed when you’re not having a good day … that a patch of bright colors can turn that all around?    For me, when I’m working on my art, I tend to gravitate to the pictures that have the blue skies, brightest flowers, most lush greenery.  

Well - this week was one of those weeks.  You know - the one that you need a huge pick-me-up!   I thought .... let me work on a mood board to cheer me up.   And I think I may have hit the jackpot!  I just love how all the items tie together - and would make a very cheery room, office, sunroom, bedroom.   You name it - and this could be tweaked to fit the bill. 

Bold Green Mood board with Abstract Moss Decor

20x20 bright green moss on gray rock abstract wall decor on metal by Lisa Blount

If you follow my art or if you just happened to find me - one of the things you will notice with my photography is that I love nature.   There are so many unique patterns, colors and interesting items to capture - all found in nature.   One of my favorite times to photograph moss and leaves - is right after it rains.   The colors are just a little more vivid.  Like this moss …. It’s absolutely vibrant!    

Bright Green Abstract Moss 

This bright green moss captured my attention immediately.   The unique pattern.   The look of tiny little trees - making it look like an upside-down forest.  The texture against the bark of the tree allows this abstract ART to be a focal point of interest.   Simply titled Abstract Moss, this ART is bright, bold, and found in nature.   Which is in line with bringing the beauty of nature... INSIDE!

 Large wall decor of Abstract Green Moss displayed in training room on white wall by Lisa Blount

My photography blogs lately have been pairing my ART with furniture, wall colors, lamps, decor items etc.   It's been a huge hit - in that people are loving ideas on how to pair ART with other room furnishings - and make it work for them!    As a photographer, I always gravitate to the art.   I think that should be the item that draws you into the room and the rest of the pieces coordinate to enhance the experience within the room.   My rule …  furniture is just something you sit on to enjoy the ART!   While that may not be true for you - I can almost guarantee that whoever is sitting in the chair - will look around the room and notice the ART. 

Ignite that creativity!

My mood board is just ideas to spark your creativity!   There are so many ways to accomplish this - so enjoy the creativity, make the room yours!   

Let's do it!  Let's .... BE BOLD!   Grab your pencil and paper, your iPad, your computer ... whatever method you use .... and let's get designing around ....

Mood board of furniture to pair with Abstract Green Moss fine art



When you invest in ART, you want to showcase that art - and make sure it’s appreciated by others as much as you appreciate it!   


5 Steps to build your Mood Board

1.  Select your focal point

Decide which piece(s) of art will be the focal point or inspiration point for the room/building.    

Abstract Moss - Featured art.  

This art is available in either TruLife Acrylic or High Gloss Chromaluxe Metal.  

The TruLife Acrylic is non-reflective/non-glare, it appears as though you’re looking through a window at the picture, and is a little more modern and contemporary.

The Chromaluxe Metal is a glossier, does reflect light but is cheaper.   You can’t go wrong with either one - it just depends on what your preference, style and budget can afford.  

Don’t worry about the size of the art just yet!   Most of my pieces can be custom sized - so just focus on the LOOK that you want right now.    

 A little bit about this art: This was taken on a friend's farm near War Eagle Mill, Springdale, Arkansas.   I was wandering around the farm (with permission) while my family was chatting and watching for wildlife.   I happened to spot a tree that had fallen over - in the wooded area.    As I got closer to it, the green became brighter and I was amazed at the uniqueness and beauty of .... moss!  


2.  Build a theme  

My theme for today is …  Go BOLD or Go HOME!! 

 20x20 bright green moss on gray rock abstract wall decor on metal by Lisa Blount

You know ... when you see that commercial that says to BE BOLD.  And you feel like they're talking to everyone but you.   I absolutely love bold colors in ART - especially when they are found in nature.  This mood board stretched my creativity - as I don't consider myself a lime green person.   However after putting this together - I think I could be a "lime-believer"!!! 


3. Create a Mood Board

Visualize the items together.   I do this by creating a mood board.   Whether I pick these exact items or not - this gives me a starting place for options for the room, for the art, and my style.

Mood board of furniture accessories to coordinate with Abstract Green Moss fine art


 4.  Tweak it until you’re happy with it.  

Not everyone’s style is the same - so incorporate YOU into it.   That will ensure that you love it!    I don’t know about you - but every time I’ve been talked into some pattern or color I didn’t like …. Turns out after I purchase it or paint the room with it - I still don’t like it.    

The goal here is to LOVE what’s on your mood board.  Be happy with it. 

5. Start shopping! 

Below are the items that I selected to go with this bright green mood board.   The resources are below, or feel free to be creative for your style.   Either way - find something that you will LOVE!   Afterall, it is your home or office!    


Abstract Moss fine art is a statement piece.   This ART adds a ton of bright green interest to your room.  The vibe of this mood board is so fun.   This mood board .... simply makes me smile.    Maybe it's the little birds (nature) or maybe it's the mossy ball (nature).  All of the elements play off of the Abstract Moss ART.

20x20 bright green moss on gray rock abstract wall decor on metal by Lisa Blount


For the couch, I went ... feather gray.    But I make up for it everywhere else!    

Like with this bright lime green chair!! 💚.  I absolutely love the color of this chair.   GO BOLD, BABY!!  
Classic Barn Door  - This amazing furniture is made just right down the street from where I live - in Arkansas!   They are awesome - go check out their stuff!  James+James for the WIN with this beautiful classic barn door.  I love how they tie the metal with the wood.  And it's such a solid piece.   No scrimping on the materials here!  
For a bit of fun, I added a quilted stripe garden stool end table.   I love how it adds the look of modern, abstract, and ..... you got it - BOLD - to the room.   
I was absolutely amazed to find a coffee table that matched both the barn door and the green!   I thought it tied the room together quite nicely!  
This light is so much fun.  There are other shapes and options on their sites.   They are called scraplights and are made from recycled cardboard.   

Last but definitely not least - a few fun accessories:

Moss Topiary Bird - Aren't these just the cutest little accents!  And green!! And Moss ... and...and..and...  💚

Moss Ball - what a fun accent.   It also could be done with cyan or wood.   Be creative - after-all, it's all about YOU!  

Dandelion Throw Pillows  - these pillows absolutely tie the whole mood board together.  Circles that coordinate the table and light, green that coordinates the ART, chair and pillows, white the adds brightness and accents with side table and art.   Can you tell I love these pillows???  💚

Lime Green Throw Pillow - The texture on these pillows (and color!). 😍  These add interest to the entire room.   Plus, aren't they pretty??!!   

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8x8 6x6 acrylic block shelf decor of Abstract bright Green Moss

Not ready for a big bold statement on the wall just yet?   This art also comes in acrylic blocks.  They are small pieces of art (6x6, 8x8) that you can lay flat or sit on a shelf, mantle or table.   Place it wherever you need a pop of color or relaxation or a statement piece … you can place an acrylic block.  Acrylic Blocks



 Hope you enjoyed tips on how I created my mood board.   Now it’s your turn!   Go find some art, focal point, for your room, and search for whatever makes you happy.   Be bold. Be beautiful.  Be YOU!   

Happy creating!




Lisa Blount Fine Art Photographer

A little bit about me:  I love taking pictures!   It started at a very young age and has stuck with me my whole life.  I have used my pictures to capture memories and moments that later allow you to reflect.  I never considered moving forward and creating art until several challenging events happened which allowed me to rethink my priorities.  I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer and had SO MUCH FUN!!   Now I’m here to share some of that fun with you - and help you add some beautiful art to your world!

To find other pieces of art, please check out my website


(Please note:  I am not affiliated with or promoting any of the furniture or accessories - only my art.   I will give you links to where I found the items, but it’s only for reference - as I simply found pieces that I liked that I felt could enhance the art when grouped with it.)

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