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Color Palette with Art | TA Moulton Barn - Mormon Row Color Palette

Capturing Nature's Color Palette with the Historic TA Moulton Barn 

In the heart of Mormon Row, Wyoming, nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of Grand Teton National Park, lies a picturesque piece of history. The TA Moulton barn, a fine art gem, stands proudly, showcasing a vivid tapestry of colors inspired by the natural world. It's a place where greens, blues, browns, and pristine white snow converge, stirring a spectrum of emotions within any observer.

 TA Moulton barn at Mormon Row Grand Teton fine art color palette moodboarad

 This iconic panorama at Mormon Row is an artist's dream, where the rustic charm of the past meets the contemporary allure of the present. TA Moulton's work is a testament to the harmony between human creation and Mother Nature's own masterpieces.  The soothing and calming colors enhance the art piece in any room creating a relaxing and beautiful visual

TA Moulton barn large fine art photography hanging on bedroom wall


Beautiful wall decor for your home or office and is versatile enough to be incorporated in many different styles.  

Color Palette for TA Moulton Barn art

Hex numbers (from left to right):
#272b10. #461a00. #74860e. #9d6a37. #356890. #83c9f6. 


Featuring Art: TA Moulton Barn

As an artist, I like to share ideas, colors and moodboards that will inspire you.  In this piece, I've featured my TA Moulton Barn fine art.   This piece is an all-time favorite as it pulls history and nature into one piece of art.  

  • TA Moulton Barn: This piece features the iconic TA Moulton Barn in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming.  A beautiful art piece for any room.  Mormon Row's old barns from the early 1900s provide a stunning backdrop for photographers to capture their experience of the Grand Tetons with a touch of nostalgia. Lisa Blount's artwork features the TA (Alma) Moulton Barn, which symbolizes the Mormon settlers' difficult right of passage in this area.  

 TA Moulton barn photography hanging on wall above farmhouse style bench

  • Vibrant Blue and Green: This fine art photography piece features a vibrant blue sky, adding a splash of color to any room.  This art absolutely draws me in and makes me feel like I'm still there in the moment.   Envisioning life in the early 1900's.  Breathing mountain air.   On a trip or vacation.  Living the dream.   Drawing you in and bringing nature.... INSIDE.  

TA Moulton barn at Mormon Row Grand Teton fine art color palette moodboarad


  • History: This piece features an early 1900's barn in a beautiful setting.   Check out more on the Moulton family in a blog by Jerry Moulton. www.MormonRow.Com    A special thank you to the Moulton family for sharing their beautiful history for all to enjoy.


Art that sparks a memory, causes you to pause, reflect and remember - while adding beauty.   
Does this piece spark a memory for you?  This color palette and piece of fine art may be just what you need to upgrade your decor!  


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